Can I Send An Email To DVLA?

Is there a live chat for DVLA?

The web chat will give customers the opportunity to ask DVLA digital services team questions directly.

DVLA staff will be able to: answer your questions.

give advice on applying for your driver’s licence online..

What do I do if my log book hasn’t arrived?

If you did not get a log book for your new vehicleDownload and fill in an application for a log book (form V62).Send it to DVLA with the green ‘new keeper’ slip you were given when you bought the vehicle. You do not have to pay a fee.

What is DVLA email address?

DVLA does not publish any emails for the public, with one exception – for DVLA Driver Medical Enquiries.

Can I visit DVLA Swansea in person?

Can i appear @ DVLA office in person to apply for my provisionsl license? No. There aren’t any local offices anymore anyway.

Do letters to DVLA need a stamp?

DVLA on Twitter: “@loopylesty Hi, our addresses aren’t free post so you’ll need to pay for postage.”

Can I renew driving Licence online without UK passport?

Renewing Your Licence Online If you want to renew your driving licence online, you need to have a valid British passport. … The DVLA is unable to use the photo and signature from your passport for your new driving licence.

How do I change my email address with DVLA?

Change your address, email or name Tell DVLA if you want to change the address, email or name on your Direct Debit. You can call DVLA if: you’ve moved house. you’ve got a new email address.

How do I write to DVLA?

If you don’t have your V5C registration document you need to write to the DVLA via the following address DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA, and give them the following details: The vehicle’s registration number, its make and model. The name and address of the new keeper. The date when you sold it.

Is it safe to send passport to DVLA?

You have to send your passport. Most you can do to safeguard your document is send it via tracked post. … Alternatively, documents can be sent to DVLA via recorded delivery and, if a pre-paid recorded delivery return envelope is provided, the Agency will use this to return the identity documents.

When must you contact the DVLA theory?

If you learn of a new health condition that might affect your ability to drive safely, you are required to notify the licensing authority. You must also notify them if you have become unfit to drive due to the deterioration of your health or pre-existing condition or disability.

How long do the DVLA take to send back identity documents?

DVA will normally return your documents within 10 working days, separate from your licence. If you don’t receive them, contact DVA : Driver & Vehicle Agency – Driver Licensing Enquiries.

Who will deliver passports in 2020?

TNT UK revealed as DX Group successor on Home Office passport delivery contract. TNT UK has clinched a major three year deal with the Home Office for the secure delivery of passports and related documents, can reveal.